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Ho Ho Ho, Meeerrryyy Raggle 0.4.4!
Wed Dec 14 18:42:40 2005, Link

Raggle 0.4.4 is now available for download. Here's what's new:

  • New "yank" command (bound to shift-Y by default) for feed items with either empty or truncated descriptions.
  • Added --update command-line option (update your Raggle from Cron, the moon, etc).
  • Switched to Ruby's built-in Logger class for logging. This gives us a cleaner log file format, log rotation, and log levels.
  • New purge-deleted keybinding (bound to shift-P by default).
  • Improved I18N support
  • Documentation updates.
  • Lots of squashed bugs.

Relevant URLs:

Faster Than You Can Say Raggle 0.4.3
Sun Aug 14 23:40:15 2005, Link

Raggle 0.4.3 is out! This is a bug fix release. Here's what's changed:

  • Added proper support for terminal transparency. To use it, set your the background portion of a palette entry to -1 (No more 200-day old bugs on bugs.debian.org, alright!).
  • Fixed screen description redraw issue from 0.4.2.
  • Added polish translation from Piotr Ozarowski.
  • Various documentation updates.

Here's where you can download this fine piece of software:

Raggle 0.4.2
Tue Aug 9 04:41:03 2005, Link

The latest and greatest Raggle is here. Version 0.4.2 is a bug-fix release with a kick. Check out some of the new features below:

  • Fix for invalid URI crash.
  • Improved SSL support.
  • Alpha Atom support. It's alpha, but at the moment it's good enough to read WordPress-generated Atom feeds.
  • RSS enclosure support. At the moment this just allows you to call an external command with an enclosure's title, URL, MIME type, and length, but that's still enough to whip up your own basic podcast support, bittorrent handling, etc. The gory details are available in doc/default_config.rb

And here's the requisite links:

It Had to Happen Eventually: Raggle 0.4.1
Mon Jun 27 17:50:23 2005, Link

Raggle 0.4.1 is now available for public consumption. Here's a brief list of changes since version 0.4.0:

  • Bookmarks (CSV, MySQL, SQLite, and exec backends). Bound to 'B' (shift-B) by default.
  • Fixed Unicode entity handling (ie, UTF-8 feeds not rendering)
  • Vastly improved Unicode and HTML entity rendering
  • Fixed host-relative URLs
  • A handful of other small fixes

Here are the relevant URLs:

Update: Here is the post to ruby-talk, which includes the changes mentioned above, a list of known packages, and unfettered praise for both Michael and Thomas!

Raggle Bug Tracker
Sun May 29 19:25:53 2005, Link

I've set up bug tracker for Raggle at http://bugs.pablotron.org/. You can submit bug reports, feature requests, and track progress that Thomas is making (and I'm taking credit for ;-D).

Linux Format Review
Thu May 12 01:55:35 2005, Link

Raggle was reviewed in the May issue of Linux Format magazine. They only reviewed version 0.3.2, so they missed out on all the new stuff in 0.4, but they still seemed to like it.

If you're curious about what's going on with Raggle development, visit my tech blog.

Oh Snap, It's Raggle 0.4.0!
Sat Mar 19 19:00:35 2005, Link

You heard it here first! Here's what's new:

  • category-based view filtering
  • feed search (via Syndic8.com)
  • feed editing
  • improved console HTML rendering
  • key bindings for mark unread, import/export OPML, opening links
  • current key bindings window
  • documentation updates (updated README, man page, full internal API docs, online help)
  • much better character encoding conversions (via iconv)
  • fixed terminal resizing
  • massive code cleanup
  • preliminary i18n support (via gettext-ruby)
  • fixed a metric ton of bugs
  • ...and probably a bunch more stuff that I'm forgetting

Relevant URLs:

If you like this version of Raggle, you might want to email Thomas Kirchner know; a lot of the new features — feed editing, the keybindings help window, OPML import/export from the Curses interface — are his fault work. If you want to send money or cookies, I'll take those... Anyway, enjoy!

Raggle CVS and More
Sat Nov 27 12:28:35 2004, Link

What's new with Raggle development? We've got two development versions at the moment. The next major release of Raggle is available in CVS, and Squaggle, an SQLite-based rewrite, is also in the works. If you want to try out the development version now, you can grab a tarball from the Raggle CVS page (be sure to back up your $HOME/.raggle directory before trying the development version). Here's some of the stuff available in Raggle CVS:

  • Category support in the Ncurses interface
  • Preliminary Find Feeds feature (via Syndic8)
  • Improved console HTML rendering

Questions, comments, and suggestions are always appreciated.

Raggle 0.3.2 Released
Sat Nov 27 12:13:42 2004, Link

The latest stable version of Raggle is up for grabs. This is a maintenance release. Here's a list of major changes:

  • Fixed nil deref in populate_feed_win
  • PLATFORM => RUBY_PLATFORM fix from Robert McGovern. Fixes Cygwin weirdness
  • Patch from Michael Ablassmeier to fix Amphetadesk OPML import.
  • added vi-style g and G keybindings (suggested by Nick Welch)
  • Look for ENV['RAGGLE_WEB_DATA'], allows non-Program Files installs in Windows
  • Expand CDATA elements before parsing. This fixes feeds with embedded CDATA elements
  • Updated default feed list

A full list of changes is available in the ChangeLog. Download Raggle 0.3.2 (Signature).

RSS Feed is Back
Tue Aug 24 23:36:37 2004, Link

Well, that was dumb. :) I accidentally broke the RSS feed for raggle.org, and noone told me about it. Well, it's fixed now.