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Raggle 0.3.1
Sat Apr 17 13:19:34 2004, Link

Raggle version 0.3.1 is now available to the world. Here's what's new:

  • documentation updates, added a ToC and FAQ
  • browser_cmd config check (if we're upgrading from a pre-0.3 version of Raggle, warn about an incompatible version of this config directive)
  • --import-opml takes a URL now (suggested by Doug Kearns)
  • applied action_insert_link_ref patch submitted by Ralf Hortsmann
  • fix thread reap error reported by Grant Bowman

Download Raggle 0.3.1 (Signature, Change Log). Enjoy!

Raggle 0.3.0 Windows Installer
Thu Feb 26 14:20:29 2004, Link

I just built a Windows installer for version 0.3.0 of Raggle. Here's the installer, and here's the signature.

Raggle 0.3.0 Released
Fri Feb 20 17:34:58 2004, Link

Two Raggles in less than two days? Unbelievable! Raggle version 0.3.0 is out. Here's a list of changes since 0.2.x:

  • preliminary web interface (via WEBrick)
  • 'a' to add feeds inside Raggle
  • -A, --ascii : non-ANSI window borders
  • HTTP 1.0 Basic authentication (ie http://user:pass@foo.com/index.rss)
  • better HTTP 304 response handling
  • better conditional HTTP GET (Last-Modified, If-Modified-Since headers)
  • Win32 support (web interface only at the moment)
  • ignore "a " and "the " prefix when sorting feeds
  • manual update works in non-manual mode now (to force update). same as passing SIGALRM to Raggle
  • SIGHUP invalidates all feeds and starts feed grabbing thread
  • categories (web interface only)
  • view source (bound to '\')
  • added --max-items (max # of items/feed)
  • added 0, $ keybindings (beginning and end of list)
  • get Win32 proxy from registry
  • config.rb overrides settings in default config on a per-key basis, rather than replacing them
  • fixed SSL support
  • --edit accepts -1 for batch operations
  • preliminary DRb interface
  • updated mono theme (for terminals with bold, w/o color)
  • screwy feeds don't (shouldn't?) kill feed grabbing any more
  • parallel feed grabbing
  • faster rendering (less refreshes, cache reflow)
  • --add can take a URL (ie raggle -a 'url')
  • whole slew of bug-fixes

And here are the relevant URLs:

I've also contacted the Debian and Gentoo maintainers, so hopefully we'll have some fresh Raggle packages for both in the very near future.

Raggle 0.2.5 Released
Fri Feb 20 05:37:34 2004, Link

Raggle version 0.2.5, fresh off the grill. This release fixes the regular expression warnings reported by Brian Almeida. You can download the tarball here, and the signature is here.

Raggle in Gentoo Linux
Sun Dec 7 19:47:39 2003, Link

Raggle is now in available Gentoo. Supposedly only version 0.2.2, and masked, but it's a start. Emerge away!

Page Updates
Sat Dec 6 11:18:39 2003, Link

No new version yet, but there are several minor page updates. If you've been bitten by the ENCODING_CLAIMS bug even with version 0.2.4, read the ENCODING_CLAIMS Bug Workaround documentation for a description of the problem and information on fixing your Raggle configuration. Also, we finally have a Links page, which contains links to RSS directories, RSS "specifications", and *gasp* other RSS aggregators.

Raggle 0.2.4 Released
Thu Nov 20 08:06:31 2003, Link

The latest stable version of Raggle is now available. Here's a list of the fixes:

  • Don't save feed list on crash
  • Back up feed list on exit
  • Fix undefined ENCODING_CLAIMS bug

Download Raggle 0.2.4 (signature, change log).

Windows Installer Redux
Thu Sep 25 11:51:31 2003, Link

Those of you without HTTP proxies may have noticed that the Windows installer I posted yesterday didn't work. Pretend that didn't happen. Here's the fixed installer, and here's the signature.

New Windows Installer
Wed Sep 24 12:06:14 2003, Link

A new Raggle Windows installer is available here (signature). Please note that this is still an alpha release; it does have a number of outstanding quirks. That said, we'd appreciate your feedback.

Raggle 0.2.3 Released
Sat Sep 13 14:23:53 2003, Link

Raggle version 0.2.3, ready to go! Download it now (don't forget to check the signature). Here's a brief list of the changes:

  • Proper HTTP 204 handling
  • fix nil dereference in fix_character_encoding()
  • fixed OPML import
  • fixed flicker when selecting feed items
  • work-around for REXML external entity parsing bug (described here)
  • fixed attribute handling in themes

A full list of changes is in the change log. This release is also available via Raggle CVS under the tag RAGGLE-0-2-3-RELEASE.