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System Requirements
Saturday, September 13 13:47:34 2003 EDT

Raggle requires several extra libraries. Here's a complete list:

Raggle will run properly in an 80x25 terminal, but a slightly larger terminal (say, 80x35 or 80x40) is recommended.

Saturday, September 13 13:47:45 2003 EDT

The easiest way to install Raggle is to use the included Makefile. This will install the Raggle executable in a system-wide executable directory, install the Raggle documentation, and install the Raggle themes. Here's the command:

# install raggle, raggle docs, and raggle data
sudo make install

or (if you don't use sudo):

# install raggle (but you don't use sudo; tsk tsk)
su -c 'make install'

or (if you just want the executable):

# install raggle (just the apps, ma'am)
su -c 'cp ./raggle /usr/local/bin/'

or (if you don't have root access, and only want it for personal use):

# copy raggle to your personal executable directory
cp raggle $HOME/bin/

Getting Started
Saturday, September 13 13:47:50 2003 EDT

Raggle Layout

The Raggle display is divided into three windows: the Feed window (along the left side of the screen), the Item window (in the top-right corner), and the Description window (in the bottom-right corner). The Feed window contains a list of RSS feeds you're currently subscribed to. I've included a handful of sample feeds to get you started raggling. If you'd like more feeds, import my feed list from "doc/pauls_feeds.opml.gz" with the following command:

# try out a big feed list
gzip -d < doc/pauls_feeds.opml.gz | raggle --import-opml -

Working with Raggle is simple. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between windows. Press Enter or Space to select the highlighted item in the active window. To launch a browser and view an item, select the item, navigate to the Description window and press Enter. Several additional keyboard commands are described in the Raggle feed in Raggle, and in the Raggle man page.

Here's how you add a new RSS feed to Raggle:

# add a new feed to raggle
raggle --add --url "url"

Where "url" is the URL to the RSS feed. A complete list of feed editing commands available from the command-line is available in the Raggle man page, or by typing "raggle --help".

And that's it! If you have any questions or comments about Raggle, feel free to post your question to the Raggle mailing list, or email Richard, Ville, or myself.